Mad Zach is the man.  I've been following him for awhile, downloading his audio, and using it on a trigger pad.  He has really blown up in the last 6 months and is playing live a lot more.  Plus, he has a good attitude towards sharing his methods!

Mad Zach definitely embodies the "live robot" essence of electronic music and is pushing the limits on what the definition of an instrument is.  Happy listening!





CBC Show review

Saturday was a blast at the CBC.  Conspirator was rad in the Crown Room and we had a nice crowd in the Red Room.  Thanks to all our friends who rallied for our show.  You rock!  Met a cool DJ producing and performing some dope tunes.  DJ Comma- check him out at:


Stay tuned for the next Robot performance...



March 16th- Conspirator- CBC w/ LIVE ROBOT afterparty

March 16th- Crystal Bay Club Live Robot is playing the after party for these guys starting at 11pm. Check them out. This show is gonna be sick!



I call them sketches...

  Just like drawing, I jot down quick ideas in the moment, letting it go- free form and experimenting with shapes, textures, and intensity. I like to work with a compositional tool like Logic, to get my ideas into audible form.

  We then listen to the sketch and transfer it to playing live with the drums, figuring out who will play what. It can be a challenge to have everything happen in the exact timing conceptualized in the sketch, but often, the live version takes on it's own shape and becomes something completely independent from the electronic realization.


Upcoming gig- Feb 15th- Inner Rhythms Conscious Dance

Felt good to be rehearsing last night for our upcoming show. We've got new tune-age and are working on the 'waves' of sound for conscious dance.

Don't miss this show! Fun starts at 6pm, Live Robot at 7pm. $20 suggested donation.